A delicate bittersweet holiday around the world


It is a journey that enchants. Talking about Melane is a delicate bittersweet holiday around the world.

She is a cultural bridge.

Her songs are passionate, euphoric and gentle. Her music is sweetened

with freshly baked cake- a pinch of jazz, a pinch of salsa and a touch sokouss,

which is a traditional African musical style from Congo.



How it all began


After touring through many night clubs as a vocal house, jazz, rock and

pop singer many elements flowed into her present being. Thus, she ended the search of her inner heart.

Her lyrics that are sung in Lingala (official language of Congo) but also in English. Central aspect about

her music are political questions, society, the suffering, poverty and injustice all over the world

but she also sings about the everyday life, love and friendship.


Melane played with Manu Dibango, and was supported by the Afro-Beat- Inventor Tony Allen (Fela Kuti)

and Patrice (Soulstorm) at her Concert at Funkhaus Europa (Germany) in 2014.

Due to her long experience in music business and her vocal education she is part of several studio projects.


Since 2015 she joined the band "Three Fall" who are said to be one of the most innovative german bands.

Whitout any common instrument - solely tenor sax, bass clarinet, a trombone as well as drums and percussion,

the band causes furore on almost each stage they play.

With their new band member Melane Nkounkolo,

they convey and created their own unique afro-soul sound and to build new bridges.